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DQ pest Control is the most professional, dependable, trustworthy, and best-trained wildlife pest control and exterminating service in Nassau County, Long Island. It is our intention to deliver to the residents of Old Brookville, a pest control service for which there is value and that we can be proud of. DQ Pest Control will provide pest control and wildlife removal services promptly, efficiently, courteously, safely and humanely.  Since 2008, DQ Pest Control has been delivering Long Island pest control and working hard to keep homes and commercial properties in Old Brookville, New York pest-free. We are a family owned and operated nuisance wildlife control and pest control service that will treat you like family. When you’ve got unwanted visitors in your Old Brookville home, or business, DQ Pest Control should be your first and last call.

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If you are having an issue with bees, wasps, or hornets at your Old Brookville residence, contact the Long Island bee removal specialists at DQ Pest Control for help. Our wasp exterminating professionals will initially inspect your premises and determine what needs to be done to get rid of the bees, wasps, or hornets. Honey bees will often enter a home through openings in fascia board, soffits, or brick work of your home, or business. Once established, honey bees will start producing honey comb and can deposit as much as 25 pounds of honey  within a few months, which usually results in thousands of dollars in damage. Depending on the species of wasp, or hornet they may build their nest in the eves of your Old Brookviile home, under the shutter, in a tree, bushes, shrubs, or in the ground. Wasps may also enter your premises using the same openings that honey bees use, but they don't store honey. Therefore, it is not necessary to open up any walls should there be wasps nesting in them. Don't attempt to get rid of bees wasps, or hornets on your own. Very often, the Do it yourself bee removal enthusiast will find the point where the bees, or wasps are entering into their home and immediately seal it up. This always results in a disaster and the inside of their home becomes filled with bees, or wasps. The restricted use pesticides that are needed to correctly resolve these issues are only available to licensed pesticide applicators, so call a professional pest control service. Without the proper equipment, including a bee suit, the do it yourself bee / wasp removal enthusiast is destined to get stung. Getting stung is painful and can even result in anaphylactic shock in those people who are allergic to bee stings.

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