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Nassau County Termite Control and Inspection

If you suspect an infestation of termites, a strategic extermination plan is key to living pest-free. DQ's Nassau County termite control and inspection services can save a property owner a great deal of headache and heartache. By accurately identifying termites and other pests and quickly administering effective eradication methods, our Nassau County exterminating pros prevent further structural damage. With professional extermination, you can go to sleep at night knowing a potentially costly future repair has been averted and your home is safe.

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Nassau County Exterminating Pros

Many people are hesitant to call a professional exterminator because they fear the harsh chemicals could be used carelessly or excessively. However, too often, it is actually the untrained individual who misuses products for thorny situations such as roach or bed bug control. In Nassau County, Suffolk County, Kings County, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx homeowners can call on DQ Pest Control to address infestations without harm to people or pets. Striking the balance between effective extermination and excessive chemical use can be tricky. That is why our experienced Nassau County exterminating staff is well-trained on extermination methods, and will solve your pest control problem without the use of dangerous and potentially harmful pesticides.

If you reside in Suffolk or Nassau County, termite control and inspection, and eradication of bedbugs, roaches, fleas and other pests are best left to trained exterminators. Any money spent on professional services is well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pest control problem is being dealt with properly and effectively without the use of potentially hazardous substances. DQ Pest Control will also attempt to locate the source the pests, whether it be bed bugs, roaches, or fleas. Fleas are often brought into a home by cats, or raccoons in the attic.

Bed Bug Control in Nassau County

While many individuals take it upon themselves to try to get rid of bedbugs, these pests can be deceptively difficult to eliminate. When it comes to bed bug extermination, the do it yourself pest control remedies rarely work. Don't go into extra rounds with these bugs; knock them out on the first try with the help of DQ's bed bug control. In Nassau County and throughout Suffolk, we've helped dozens of homeowners and businesses eradicate these pests on the first try, saving time and money in the long run.

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