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Long Island, New York Pest Control
DQ Pest Control provides Long Island Pest control to residents of Nassau County and Suffolk County. Our Long Island pest control includes wildlife control and animal control of raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, opossums, groundhogs, skunks, rats, mice and dead animals.  Our Long Island Pest Control Services also include exterminating services in Nassau County and Suffolk County.  Our Long Island exterminating services include, rodent control, bed bug extermination, bee hive removal, cockroach extermination, termite inspections, carpenter ant exterminating, hornet nest removal, yellow jacket extermination, carpenter bee control, wasp exterminating and bumble bee control.  We also have a termite and bedbug detection dog, who is a part of our Long Island Pest Control team. Our Pest Managment proffesionals also do live honey bee swarm removals for Long Island residents.

DQ's Long Island Pest Control

Often, the removal or extermination of pests is essential to maintaining healthy living conditions. Other times, it simply makes a home more comfortable. But, the job of a Suffolk County exterminator goes beyond even that when providing pest control in Long Island.

At DQ Pest Control, we focus on more than just removing unsightly bugs from an upscale flat on Staten Island or Long Island. Pest control on an investment property, rentals and residential properties for sale can play an important role in protecting an expensive investment. At DQ PEST CONTROL we are Long Island Pest Control professionals who are tough on pests, but easy on the rest. Your family and pet's safety is our number one priority. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a holistic approach to pest control. Integrated Pest Management uses a variety of methods that minimizes risks to the environment and our health and well-being. Integrated Pest Management is based upon regular inspections of your Long Island home, accurate identification of the pests and the specific area actually infested. We will seek to prevent future pest problems by eliminating pest habitat, access to food, water and other essential needs. Integrated Pest Management controls pests using mechanical, physical and biological controls. For example, we provide Long Island rodent control via rodent-proofing the dwelling and trapping. Our approach in most cases, eliminates the need for pesticides and will not result in rodents dying behind the walls. Most importantly, our Integrated Pest Management approach to Long Island pest control eliminates the risk of children and pets ingesting harmful chemicals. Contact DQ Pest Control for all of your Long Island pest control and wildlife control needs.

Long Island Exterminators Protect Property

When you break it all down into plain old dollars and cents, it just makes good economic sense to rein in termites, bedbugs and other chewing and biting bugs on properties in upscale neighborhoods in communities like Manhattan and Long Island. Exterminators' fees are extremely reasonable when compared to the cost of repairing termite damage or attracting buyers or renters after word of a bedbug infestation has leaked out. Long Island pest control teams from DQ Pest Control work quickly and discretely to identify and eliminate infestations so you can get back to a normal life - or back to business.

Nassau County Pest: Control Bedbugs

Bedbug control in Nassau County is just as urgent as it is in the New York metropolitan area. DQ Pest Control has put a great deal of effort in to offering Nassau County pest control that its residents can rely upon for quick, safe and effective eradication of pests that threaten public health - or at least a good night's sleep. Our Nassau and Suffolk County exterminating pros have been dealing with these pests, including nuisance wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels for years. We know how to quickly identify pests and eradicate them for good.

Suffolk County Exterminator Coverage

With DQ Pest Control on your side, bugs are out of site and out of mind. Best of all, they're forever out of your Long Island home in Nassau or Suffolk County. Exterminator services offered by DQ Pest Control include elimination of termites, rodents and other pests (commercial and residential), humane nuisance wildlife control and animal removal. Our Nassau County pest control experts are highly trained and fully equipped for any Long Island pest control job.

When your health, comfort and livelihood depend on it, call DQ's Bronx/Brooklyn/Long Island exterminators for assistance.

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