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What makes us different from other pest control companies?

Our customers always come first!!!  We are a small family owned business and our customers are our bread and butter.  If you are not happy, we are not happy.  We will treat you like family and do whatever it takes to make you want to refer us to your friends and neighbors.

At DQ PEST CONTROL we are tough on pests, but easy on the rest.  Your family and pet's safety is our number one priority.  We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a holistic approach to pest management.  Integrated Pest Management uses a variety of methods that minimizes risks to the environment and our health and well-being.  Integrated Pest Management is based upon regular inspections, accurate identification of the pests and the specific area actually infested.  We will seek to prevent future pest problems by eliminating pest habitat, access to food, water and other essential needs.  Integrated Pest Management controls pests using mechanical, physical and biological controls.  For example, we provide rodent control via rodent-proofing the dwelling and trapping.  Our approach eliminates the need for pesticides and will not result in rodents dying behind the walls.  Most importantly, our approach eliminates the risk of children and pets ingesting harmful chemicals.

At DQ PEST CONTROL we solve nuisance wildlife problems using a decision making strategy that balances concerns for safety; the humane treatment of wildlife; practicality; landowner rights; the protection of wildlife populations and habitats; and ethical, legal, financial, and aesthetic issues.

At DQ PEST CONTROL we strictly follow all laws and regulations related to pest control and nuisance wildlife management.  DQ Pest Control is a fully insured registered business with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, employing a licensed pesticide applicator and a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator.  We are professionals, exemplifying the traits of honesty, sincerity, and dedication.  We treat people, property, and wildlife with respect.  We strive to broaden our knowledge, skills and abilities to advance the practice of pest and nuisance wildlife control.  We offer our expertise to all people upon request, within the limits of our experience, ability, and legal authority. We are Nassau County's animal and pest control provider!

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