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Long Island Wildlife Removal
Why Is It Important To Call a Professional Wildlife Removal Service When You Need Animal Control?

Wildlife removal and wildlife control very often involve hazards such as trapping and removing rabid wild animals, such as raccoons, skunks and bats. The wildlife control experts at DQ Pest Control have many years of experience in the removal of wild animals from Long Island homes and businesses. Our animal control experts can provide an expedient solution to your nuisance wildlife control problem, which will minimize any damage to your Long Island property. The following are important reasons for choosing to use a licensed New York State wildlife control operator to remove animals from your home, or business.


One of the most common problems associated with wildlife removal and wildlife control is falls. You may fall off a ladder, fall off the roof, or even fall through a ceiling while in the attic of your Long Island home. Wildlife trapping and wildlife removal, presents other risks, such as injury from bites and scratches, and exposure to wildlife diseases.

Long Island homeowners who try to solve their own wildlife control problems very often don't know what they are doing. Their efforts in trying to solve their own nuisance wildlife control problem, usually makes things worse. When a Long Island home owner bangs on the ceiling when they hear baby raccoons in the attic, this usually results in the mother raccoon just moving the raccoon pups to a more secure area in the house that is inacessible to humans. Very often, the Do it yourself wildlife removal enthusiast will find the animal's entry point into their home and immediately close it up, which usually results in animals being trapped in their house. This can result in having dead animals in the attic, dead animals in the ceiling, or dead animals in the walls. The Do it yourself wildlife removal enthusiast usually don't know what animal trap they should be using, what bait to use and where the trap should be set.


While New York State may not require a license to trap wildlife on your own property, it is against the Law for you to remove wildlife from your property without a nuisance wildlife control operator license.

New York State Environmental Conservation Law requires the humane treatment of wildlife. The animal trapper is required to check the traps daily.

The wildlife control program is implemented in such a way as to avoid adversely affecting any non-target wildlife. Since wildlife management professionals know about the habits and habitat of the target animal, they will exercise care to avoid using techniques that will affect non-targets such as pets and other animals.


By conducting a thorough inspection and assessment, the wildlife management professional will know what habitat modifications are needed to prevent future wildlife conflicts. This is important for long-term control of the wildlife problem. Unless modifications are made to the elements that are attracting wildlife,  the result will be an ongoing wildlife control problem. Therefore, hire a wildlife management professional, who knows the habits and habitats specific to each wild animal. This is important since different animal species require different techniques of removal in order to be effective.

Hiring a wildlife management professional to do the required wildlife control work is almost always faster and more effective than the Do it yourself pest control methods. Since excluding wildlife is usually the most effective long-term control method, employ a wildlife management professional, who has the experience and know-how to exclude wildlife from decks, crawl spaces, porches, sheds, attics, gardens, and landscaped areas of your property. The nuisance wildlife control operators at DQ Pest Control have many years of experience in removing wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, birds, skunks, groundhogs / woodchucks and rodents, such as rats and mice. 


Zoonotic diseases are infections that animals can pass to humans via bites, feces, urine and external parasites, such as fleas and ticks. The best known and most serious of these zoonotic diseases is rabies, a virus that attacks not only wild animals, but people and pets, as well. Therefore, Long Island animal removal and animal trapping should only be done by wildlife management professionals.


Wildlife removal services of DQ Pest Control offers preventative solutions to vermin and critter control problems and will provide service warranties for the work they do. As part of our wildlife removal services we provide free quotes, so homeowners know what is needed to complete the job and at what cost.

Wildlife management professionals are experienced and know what works. They are able to help homeowners make decisions based on facts and experience, rather than exaggerations from Internet advertising or incorrect urban myths. Wildlife repellents, such as coyote urine, moth balls, bleach and ultrasonic sound emitting devices don't work.

Nassau County Animal Removal wildlife control professionals use the proper trapping equipment and baits to ensure that the target pest is trapped.

DQ Pest Control provides raccoon trapping to residents of Nassau County, Long Island.

Our animal control experts provide animal removal in Rockville Centre, squirrel trapping in Albertson, bird control in Atlantic Beach, opossum removal in Syosset, bat removal in Locust Valley, bird control in Jericho, raccoon removal in Muttontown, rodent control in Stewart Manor and squirrel trapping in Manhasset.

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