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Carpenter Ant Control
Carpenter ants are among the largest ants found on Long Island. These ants build their nests in wood and are a major cause of structural damage to buildings and homes in Nassau County, Long Island. Unlike termites, they do not consume the wood that they live in. Because carpenter ants don't consume the wood that they live in, you can find small piles of wood shavings in the areas infested by carpenter ants. These wood shavings resemble sawdust and are known as frass. Carpenter ants are usually black in color, but may be red or brown. The carpenter ant exterminators at DQ Pest Control will identify the severity of the ant infestation and exterminate the carpenter ant colonies. Carpenter ants are nocturnal insects that will find there way into your Nassau County, Long Island home and nest in water damaged wood. When carpenter ants invade homes, they typically build their nests under windows, roof eaves, porches and decks. Carpenter ant colonies are often found in the walls of Long Island homes. Outside of your Nassau County home, carpenter ant colonies can be found in tree stumps and wood piles.
Carpenter Ant Exterminating Nassau County, NY
The carpenter ant exterminating experts at DQ Pest Control will rid your Long Island home of carpenter ants initially by performing a thorough inspection of your residence to determine carpenter ant activity and movement. Our ant extermination pest control team will then design and implement a treatment plan using the most recent advances in carpenter ant control technology and pesticide selection. Our Nassau County ant exterminators may apply pest control products to cracks and crevices and other areas of your Long Island home that may be prone to ant infestation. Carpenter ant control is dependent upon carpenter ant prevention. To prevent a carpenter ant infestation, DQ Pest Control recommends routine trimming of trees and shrubs around your Long Island home's foundation. Any cracks or openings in the exterior of your home should be properly sealed, which is also imperative to rodent control. Standing debris and leaves should be moved away from the foundation of your residence. Never stack firewood near your home, garage, or shed. Firewood often becomes infested with carpenter ants and termites. Repair any leaks in the roof and replace any water damaged wood. Check the interior of your home for any cracks, or leaks and keep sources of water away from the foundation of your Long Island home.
Carpenter Ant Infestation
Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation
The most obvious sign of a carpenter ant infestation in your Nassau County, Long Island home is the presence of worker ants. However, the presence of worker carpenter ants is not conclusive evidence that a carpenter ant colony has established a nest within your residence.
Carpenter ants forage great distances from their nests in search of food.

Small piles of sawdust, known as frass are indicative of a carpenter ant infestation.

Crackling sounds in the walls is evidence of nesting carpenter ants.

The presence of large winged carpenter ants, called 'swarmers' is conclusive evidence of a carpenter ant colony and an infestation.

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