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Rodent Control Long Island, NY
Rodents are mammals, which are characterized by having a single pair of continuously growing incisors in both the upper and lower jaws. Approximately forty percent of all mammalian species are rodents and they are found in every continent except Antarctica. Rats and mice are rodents. The Roof rat, Norway rat and house mouse are referred to as commensal rodents, because of their intimate relationships with people. They live in close associations with humans and are dependent upon people for the essential elements of food, water and shelter. None of the commensal rodents are native to the United States. The house mouse, Norway rat and roof rat were all brought to the United States on European ships in the 17th and 18th centuries. House mice have a small, slender body with a pointed muzzle, and adult mice usually weigh less than an ounce. Mice are gray or brown in color with slightly lighter underbellies, but color can vary from black to white. The mouse has an almost hairless tail, that is approximately the length of its head and body combined. A young rat can be distinguished from a mouse by the fact that the rat's head and feet are much larger, in proportion to the body, than that of a mouse. Additionally, a rat's tail is not as long as the head and body combined. House mice damage consists primarily of the consumption and contamination of food. As with all commensal rodents, there is a potential for the transmission of disease to humans from rodent bites, droppings, or from the parasites that they harbor. Long Island is inhabited by both Norway rats and Roof rats. Norway rats are generally brown in color. Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats and tend to be black in color.
Long Island Rodent Control - Rat & Mouse Extermination

We all remember the infamous footage of a Greenwich Village Taco Bell restaurant, overrun by rats. The scene, captured on closed circuit cameras and played over an over on national television, was enough to send New York restaurateurs shrieking to their nearest Bronx or Long Island rodent control expert. The sight of large rodents scurrying across the signature terra cotta floor elicited a visceral reaction among all those responsible for clean food service. But, if you think the reaction to rodents is strong among food service professionals, think about how customers - or ex-customers - feel. There's a reason Long Island exterminating is big business: Potential diners are as repelled by rats anywhere near their favorite eating establishments just as strongly as rats are attracted to those same restaurants.

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A restaurateur may be fortunate enough to ride out one publicized brush with rodents or other pests, but few can survive a subsequent rat or roach repopulation. It is difficult enough to make it in the business without a serious blow to your establishment's reputation.

That's why it is highly recommended for a diner or manufacturing business to establish a relationship with a Brooklyn, Staten Island or Nassau County, Long Island exterminating team before pests become a problem. Any New York food service or food manufacturing business that doesn't exercise a few ounces of prevention when it comes to pests is probably tempting fate. For information on setting up preventive Long Island rodent control or pest prevention, contact DQ Pest Control.

Rodent Pest Control - Long Island, New York

The Nassau County Department of Health regularly inspects restaurants, reporting its findings to the New York State Department of Health. Nassau County health inspectors generally visit a restaurant once a year. When critical health issues are found, such as the presence of rodents health inspectors will return within six months. Food service health codes are put in place to protect the public. The Federal Food & Drug Administration, along with the United States Department of Health & Human Services set national guidelines for food service establishments. The FDA guidelines require strict standards including rodent exclusion. Keeping rodents and other pests, such as cockroaches out requires careful inspection of incoming shipments and food supplies. Regularly inspecting the establishment for evidence of pests and when found, using accepted pest control methods to exterminate them. Proper sanitation is one of the key elements in pest control, including Long Island rodent control and Long Island ant control. A restaurant's sinks, trash cans, kitchen equipment and floors need to be kept clean to prevent a pest infestation. Keeping a restaurant rodent-free and pest-free is an ongoing process. Prevention is less costly than rodent extermination. Pests and rodents are a serious threat to a restaurant and their presence can result in fines, hurt the business's reputation and result in the loss of customers.

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