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The Pest Management Professionals at DQ Pest Control provide nuisance wildlife control as well as pest control services to residents of Nassau County, New York. We are a licensed and insured exterminating and wildlife removal service in Nassau County, Long Island. We have taken pest control seriously and have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. We pride ourselves as being the best Nassau County Pest Control Service. Our pest control professionals use the latest science and technology to test new and innovated pest control products, so we can protect your Nassau County, Long Island residence with an effective plan suited to your specific needs. DQ Pest Control exterminators use an integrated pest management program to control both pests and wildlife. This approach to pest control and wildlife control targets education and mechanical controls and uses minimal pesticides. If you have seen evidence of a pest, or want help protecting your residence against unwanted guests our Nassau County Pest Control Services includes an inspection of your business, or residence. We will determine what pest has inhabited your Nassau County dwelling, whether it be bees, raccoons in the attic, squirrels in the attic, birds, mice, rats, bats, bed bugs, carpenter ants and even termites. Our scent detection dog, Barney is trained to alert on the odor of both bedbugs and termites. Nassau County Pest Control Integrated Pest Management program, emphasizes pest prevention and pest detection. Nassau County Pest Control Services starts with PEST-PROOFING...

Keeping food sealed and properly stored in your home and business is a key component to  pest control.

Keeping eating areas clean is vital to a pest free environment.

Keeping trash lids on and properly sealed is necessary in preventing small pests, such as rats and mice and big ones, such as squirrels, raccoons and opossums.

Don't keep outside doors open for long periods of time.

Seal cracks and holes in walls, including entry points for utility lines and pipes.

Keep roofs in good repair.

Do not stack firewood next to a home, or building. This will attract termites and vermin, such as mice and rats may nest here.

Nassau County Animal Control and Wildlife Removal

Most people are unfamiliar with the behaviors and natural instincts of wild animals, such as squirrels, bats, opossums, snakes and other beasts that often make their way into suburban neighborhoods. This makes dealing with them on your own a risky proposition, whether you live in Suffolk or Nassau County. Animal control and wildlife removal is best left to trained experts who are familiar with feeding patterns, fear responses and other behaviors.

Never attempt to trap or remove snakes, raccoons, opossums and other animals by yourself. After all, the Nassau County pest control experts at DQ Pest Control haven't built a business on removing animals because these creatures are easy to round up. Trapped, hungry or threatened animals can become aggressive and are known to attack in self-defense or defense of their young or food source. Even under the best of circumstances, most wild and feral animals are extremely unpredictable.

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Wild creatures have a way of homing in on reliable food sources. That's why it isn't always effective for a homeowner to trap and relocate animals in Suffolk or Nassau County. Animal control and wildlife removal without a knowledge of wildlife patterns and habits means that once that trapped critter is let loose, it or another one will be right back to forage. Random catch-and-release techniques can become a vicious cycle, and without the prevention expertise of DQ's Nassau County pest control team, the environment and temptations that are drawing these creatures to you in the first place will never be properly addressed.

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