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Nassau County Exterminators: Choosing Honesty

There's too much riding on a residential or commercial exterminator to choose recklessly. Ineffective extermination can come back to haunt you: Re-infestation, home damage, health risks and other unsavory repercussions can result from hiring an unskilled or careless extermination company. Locating the best company for the job is more complicated than choosing a catchy name from the phone book. In order to improve your odds at identifying a qualified and conscientious exterminator, consider taking the following steps in the hiring process:

Appearances matters. Candidates should have professional lettering, a working number and physical address like any legitimate business.
Choose a location. You want Nassau County exterminators if you live in, or near Nassau County, not one who's based hundreds of miles away.
Get background information. Find out how long the company's been in business, what memberships they have and what training their employees have.

Find out what others say about them. Check with the BBB and past customers to see if there are any complaints.
Ask to see licensure, certifications, pesticide labels and proof of insurance.

Have your New York pest control professional explain their process. Don't hire anyone who won't, or can't, give you details.
Beware of lifetime guarantees, "secret" formulas, government endorsements or other lofty or false promises.
DQ Pest Control wants you to have the benefit of an effective, honorable exterminator close to home, no matter which you choose. We hope this advice will help you select a company that is reliable, honest and a good fit for you. Read more about our Nassau County pest control services:

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The professionals at DQ Pest Control come to you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We're licensed and insured Suffolk and Nassau County exterminators and inspectors with a focus on effective treatment, safety, aesthetics, humane treatment of wildlife during removal and other issues that are important to families.

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