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Squirrel Removal - Long Island, NY
Squirrel trapping - Nassau County, Long Island

Long Island Wildlife Control squirrel removal animal trappers remove squirrels from Nassau County, Long Island residences and businesses. Our wildlife animal control experts use humane animal trapping techniques in the removal of gray squirrels and flying squirrels from your home, or business. Squirrels are considered to be nuisance wildlife, once they have taken up residence in an attic, chimney, garage, or shed in Long Island, New York. Nassau County homeowners, should contact the squirrel removal animal trappers at Long Island Wildlife Control when they hear scratching, running, chirping and jumping noises coming from their attic. Squirrels enter homes in Nassau County, Long Island in search for a place to den and raise their young. Squirrels will also den in your chimney and sometimes come down an uncapped furnace flue and end up in the basement. Once inside your Long Island residence, a squirrel will gnaw everything causing a great deal of damage. If you suspect that  squirrels are living in your attic, chimney, garage, or shed, contact Long Island Wildlife Control immediately for squirrel removal and squirrel trapping services. Initially, our nuisance wildlife control operators will due an inspection of your home to determine how the squirrels are entering the premises. Our wildlife control experts will trap the squirrels and we will then send a licensed Nassau County contractor out to your home to give you a free estimate on any repairs that may need to be done as part of our wildlife control services.

Squirrels in the Attic - Long Island, NY

Squirrel Noises - If you are hearing scampering and scurrying noises during the day and they are coming from your attic, it's most likely coming from Eastern Gray Squirrels. If you are hearing noises coming from the attic at night, it could be coming from flying squirrels, mice, rats, bats, opossums, or even raccoons in the attic. Gray squirrels are most active at dawn and dusk and these are typically the times that you will hear these rodents in the attic. If you see a hole in the fascia board, or soffits of your roof that is about the size of a baseball, this is evidence of squirrels. Squirrels also enter homes via gable vents, vents on the roof and attic exhaust fans. If you see squirrels on the roof of your Long Island home, you can be certain that these are the critters that you are hearing in your attic. Although squirrels most commonly make their homes in attics, they will also reside in ceilings, between floors, in walls, in chimneys and under solar panels on the roof of your Long Island, New York home. Once a female squirrel has entered your home, she will make a nest using insulation in the attic and give birth to four to six squirrel pups in the Spring. This squirrel will give birth again in the Fall to another litter of squirrel pups. While in the attic, these rodents will urinate and deficate everywhere. Squirrels in the attic will gnaw on everything including wooden beams, central air conditioning ducts, pvc plumbing lines and electrical wires. Squirrels chewing on electrical wires results in about 30,000 home fires each year, causing millions of dollars in damage.

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