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Pests are more than annoying; they can be downright dangerous. We at DQ Pest Control take the menace of bugs, rodents, wildlife and other pests very seriously, because we know that your comfort, your property and often your health rely on how well our Queens exterminating team or our exterminators in the Bronx do their job.

Most homeowners are rightfully concerned about the damage pests can cause. After all, without a thorough New York termite inspection, how does a homeowner really know whether his house is safe from damage? Often, the only real tip-off that termites have infiltrated a home is the discovery of major damage or even a catastrophic structural failure.

Don't let this worst-case scenario play out under your roof.

New York Termite Inspection

The only good offense against termites is a good defense. A homeowner must be proactive, hiring qualified New York pest control contractors to take preventative measures. By the time these pests are detected, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the wooden structures of a home, including hardwood floors, floor joists, roof supports and wall supports. A skilled New York termite inspection service, like the experienced team at DQ Pest Control, is well-versed in identifying an infestation. More importantly, we're well equipped to terminate pests before they can cause any more damage.

New York Animal Control and Wildlife Removal

Sometimes home invaders go far beyond the usual scope that most homeowners are equipped to deal with. In New York, animal control and wildlife removal services through DQ include the removal of more challenging nuisances. Raccoons, opossums, bats, rodents such as rats and squirrels, and other unwanted guests like these don't respond well to fly-swatters and spray repellants. In these unusual circumstances, you'll want the protection of experts with experience in dealing with larger pests.

Complete New York Pest Control

Why leave anything to chance or inexperienced hands? No matter what the scope of your nuisance problem, you'll want a New York pest control team with a broad range and depth of experience. This is where DQ stands out. We regularly dispatch exterminators in the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Nassau and Suffolk counties to handle any and all manner of home pests.

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