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Bed Bug Control In New York
Queens Pest Control: Termite Recognition

Many people have trouble distinguishing a termite from a winged ant; the two insects are similar in appearance. While neither is particularly welcome in the average home - and both can be eradicated by a Queens exterminator from DQ - the urgency of your response to this infestation will be dictated in large part by which insect it turns out to be.

A big clue to the identification of a winged insect lies in the wings themselves. While DQ's Queens pest control experts can quickly spot a termite problem from a number of cues, a homeowner must inspect the insect's wings. A termite has paddle-shaped wings that are roughly twice the length of the insect's body. Compare this to an ant, whose wings are slightly pointed and barely longer than the body. A termite's antennae are short and straight, compared to the curved antennae of an ant. The body of a termite includes only two segments (a head and abdomen), while an ant has three body segments (head, thorax and abdomen).

Of course, the surest way to identify bugs for termite, ant and bed bug control in New York is to contact a qualified DQ Pest Control inspector for an assessment and free estimate. Only then can you be sure you're tackling the right problem.

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Bed Bug Control in New York

These biting insects reside most often in bedding and feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They have experienced a huge resurgence in recent years. This resurgence has presented great challenges in bed bug control in New York hotels, motels and public housing, where population is concentrated. However, many private homeowners have experienced problems with these pests as well.

Bedbug bites can cause skin irritations, especially in sensitive individuals, and in some cases, allergic reactions can occur. Although it is unlikely for an individual to contract a disease from its bite, the bites are an annoyance that can be addressed through a qualified Queens pest control service. Note: Do not attempt to treat bedding with pesticides. This approach can be harmful to humans and pets.

Queens Exterminator: Sleep Peacefully

DQ Pest Control has years of experience in the treatment of homes and businesses and uses a bedbug dog to identify areas of bedbug infestations. Call a Queens exterminator at DQ for more information on addressing bedbugs safely and quickly.

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