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Some unwelcome house guests, such as bats, rodents, snakes and raccoons, pose special problems and risks to anyone trying to remove them from a home. Even a New York exterminating business can have its hands full with these animals if the company has little or no experience dealing with them. If you suspect your home has been invaded by a larger or potentially dangerous critter, the safest bet is to consult with an experienced, licensed exterminator. In the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and other surrounding areas, residents count on DQ Pest Control.

Call an expert if you spot some of the following hallmarks of these bothersome, common home-invading animals:

Rats, mice, squirrels - droppings, especially near food sources; shredded paper/fabric; holes in containers/walls; musky smell
Pigeons and other birds - noises from the attic/porch; droppings; gutters clogged with feathers/nesting materials
Bats - squeaking coming from the attic/walls; guano in attic or porch; bats flying around at dusk/dawn; scratch marks on ceiling beams
Snakes - skins left behind
Opossums - digging in gardens/grass in search of grubs; overturned trash cans; damaged roofing/walls as they seek shelter in attics/crawlspaces
Raccoons - digging in gardens/grass; overturned trash cans; damaged roofing/walls

We'll address ways to prevent some of these pests in greater detail in other articles about New York animal control and wildlife removal. Read on for information about how DQ Pest Control can help eliminate these unwanted guests.

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Wild animals can be extremely unpredictable, and can be dangerous when they feel they are threatened. Play it safe: Call New York animal control and wildlife removal experts at DQ for assistance in removing wild animals from the home. Additionally, do no try to exterminate alone. In New York, exterminating larger animals, or large numbers of pests, can be tricky. In order to ensure a safe and thorough extermination, hire a trained expert. It will cost less in the long run.

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Your home and your health should never be left to chance. When in doubt about a household pest, call upon a qualified exterminator. In the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk and Nassau counties, the one to call is DQ Pest Control. We're here to help with advice, free quotes and top-notch service.

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