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Manhattan Bug Control

Let's face it: Where pests are concerned, no one's safe. It doesn't matter whether you live in the Bronx or work in Manhattan; bug control is vital, and very often problematic, wherever you spend you time. Few homeowners or business managers completely escape infestations forever. And just as everyone is subject to a pest problem at one time or another, anyone can benefit from the expertise of one of DQ Pest Control's Manhattan exterminator pros. The variety and scope of our services means that whatever the pest issue is - rodents, bats, bedbugs, moths or another creature - we're well equipped and trained to handle the problem expeditiously.

Manhattan Exterminator Eradicates Ticks

Many of our customers, or potential customers, are unaware that one of the pests we can address is ticks. The tick is an insect that many individuals have become accustomed to battling one-on-one. However, these disease-carrying creatures don't play fair. People and their pets can pick up ticks by the thousands, and those bugs can hitch a ride along with you right into your home or office in Brooklyn, the Bronx or Manhattan. Bug control by DQ Pest Control can block off dangerous ticks from the perimeter around a home or office to keep all residents - big, small, bipedal or four-legged - safe from infestation.

DQ proudly serves the communities of metro New York and Long Island, Suffolk and Nassau counties and communities from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Exterminator teams from DQ Pest Control are trained in all types of pest eradication, and are equipped with the latest weaponry in the fight against infestations. Contact us for more information about the services we provide.

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